Disclaimer: Please note this questionnaire is not a complete diagnosis in and of itself, and is not intended to diagonose any type of illness.

Answer the following list of questions to determine if you need to do a detox program. Your body is sending out a cry for help with even one of these symptoms. Always feeling tired even after a good sleep is a major sign that your body needs detoxifying. Whatever your score, you will definitely need to stimulate your body’s ability to eliminate waste.
Send us your total score from this questionnaire.

Do you:

boxoften feel tired and lacking in energy?
boxfind it hard to concentrate or have fuzzy thinking?
boxoften feel moody, anxious, irritable or just plain stressed-out?
boxfrequently get a blocked nose or sinuses, and have a lot of post-nasal drip?
boxseem to be more prone to getting colds and flu?
boxhave bad breath or body odour?
boxhave a coated tongue?
boxhave sore muscles or joints or frequent backache?
boxhave eczema, hayfever or other allergies?
boxhave frequent headaches?
boxhave constipation or diarrhoea?
boxhave foul smelling stools or undigested food particles in stools?
boxhave wind, bloating, indigestion or nausea?
boxhave abdominal discomfort or fullness?
boxhave digestive disorders?
boxhave multiple food allergies, or chemical sensitivities?
boxgain weight easily and tend to have food cravings?
boxfeel like you’re not as healthy or fit as people your own age?
boxhave parasites, worms or yeast infections?

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